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Something very new and very hip is brewing in the flooring industry
by: Erin Voss

Something very new and very hip is brewing in the flooring industry. While here in America, we like to think of ourselves as trend-setters and revolutionaries, the Germans take the prize for the most unique new flooring alternative of 2008. So what is it? …Pandomo floors. While that might not mean much to you now, it has the potential with time to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. The material in question is natural white cement from Germany that is finished by the artists themselves to reveal various colors and textures. While the initial image that comes to mind might resemble garage floors, the finished product certainly doesn’t look like anything you would want to park a car on! In fact, it is hard to even swallow covering it up with the occasional area rug. Pandomo floors look breathtaking in the kitchen area and in bathrooms, and because the finished product is seamless, it makes for easy care and maintenance, as there are not cracks and grout in which dirt can hide. From afar, a Pandomo floor looks like a large stone surface, only without the visually distracting seams.

This type of flooring is very versatile in installation as its minimum thickness is only five millimeters and its durability is unmatched, as it is fade resistant. So in areas of the home where traffic is high, such as the kitchen, this flooring will keep its luster over time. The design possibilities are endless, as the artist can craft marbling, shading, color blending, texturizing, and really anything one can imagine for their kitchen floor or their bathroom floor. Adding a texture for either the kitchen floor or bathroom floor would be a great way to reduce the slip factor especially considering both areas are subject to wet spills.

Pandomo floors are an excellent option as a kitchen floor surface, as it can be hard to make a design statement otherwise in such a practical space. Refrigerators and stoves are not necessarily unique design elements, so being able to spruce up the space by installing a striking floor is an outstanding alternative.

And while aesthetics certainly cannot be overlooked, Pandomo floors even have something to offer for the environmental conscious. The floors have been independently tested to Green Building Council specifications for low VOC. Pandomo floors are only available from accredited Ardex Contractors to ensure the installation process meets the highest building and construction standards of the artists.

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