What’s News Worthy?

Flooring industry is in a constant state of change
by: Erin Voss

One might wonder what ‘news worthy’ events could possibly be taking place in the flooring industry. It is not everyday that you hear stories about kitchen floors and bathroom floors popping up on the evening news. Nevertheless, the industry is in a constant state of change, and while it may not change as much or as fast as say the technology or medical industry, it is changing.

Until recently, kitchen floors were pretty much limited to ceramic tile or laminate, and from time to time, hardwood when it corresponded to the rest of the house. Nowadays though, kitchen floor styles have undergone an overhaul as the green revolution has taken hold. Stealing the spotlight for new kitchen floor products is bamboo. Bamboo flooring has taken the industry by storm, as it is not only environmentally friendly, but also quite chic. It has become a common favorite to adorn loft-style living, which is logical considering the typically younger crowd that is responsible for the revitalization of many of America’s once fading downtown landscapes.

Also, in the kitchen floor realm, the installation process for laminate has changed somewhat to reduce the impact on indoor air quality. More harmful glues and adhesives have been replaced by low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) alternatives, and at first blush, it appears that quality has not been sacrificed for health. Of course, the same environmentally friendly low-VOC alternatives are also available for use with laminate bathroom floors as well.

Speaking of bathroom floors these days, the ceramic tile of your grandmother’s generation is no more. What people are now finding on the market is tile that is manufactured using recycled glass. One of the greatest side benefits of these new products is the uniqueness of the product and design. This certainly eliminates the possibility of walking into your neighbor’s home to find they have the same bathroom floors as you just had installed. Rather, what you will find is beautiful bathroom tile that looks porcelain but is actually an ingenious way to reuse and recycle, thus providing peace of mind that you making a difference wherever you can. When facing environmental challenges, it is important to keep in mind that one cannot do it all, but if we all make small and seemingly insignificant behavioral changes, they add up and before we know it, a revolution is born.

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