Where and When to Buy Flooring

Advantages and Disadvantages Associated with Prolonging Buying Flooring
by: Erin Voss

While it may appear at first thought that convincing your spouse to go along with the notion of buying new floors is going to be the biggest battle of the whole operation, and while it may be true that you deserve an Oscar after the performance you put on to convince your husband or wife that monies should be allocated to new flooring, what tends to happen is that many people agonize over the purchasing step for far too long. There are so many choices of where and from whom to but through, that oftentimes, this part of the process can be overwhelming, stressful and time consuming. Let’s focus on shopping online and consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with this purchase method.

First and foremost, people are usually very concerned about costs. Good news is that with the rapid and seemingly endless decline in the housing market, online prices for building supplies continue to fall. Experience has shown that buying online has more advantages when you’re seeking price and specific warranty coverage. While warranties can be a hairy area on any product and one mishap could result in the warranty being deemed null and void, this has the potential to occur whether buying online or at a traditional brick and mortar store. To ensure the best transactional experience, the consumer should be aware of how the order will be processed and completed. Look for the FAQ, policies, or terms page and make sure your questions are answered prior to making your purchase, so as to ensure the highest probability of having a seamless transaction. As you would with any salesman in a store, if you don’t feel comfortable with the site or terms, keep looking for an additional online retailer. Right now is a great time to visit sites that offer the consumer the option of naming a price because the depressed market has made sellers more eager to lower their acceptance price.

It would be unfair to avoid covering the potential disadvantages of buying online. Some people complain about the wait time for delivery, however in actuality, the same could be said about any order that is placed whether it is online or from a local store. When placing your order online, evaluate whether you would prefer residential delivery or freight pickup. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of residential delivery is being required to be available for the standard four-hour delivery window, whereas freight pickup allows you to do so on your own schedule. Of course, on the other hand, freight delivery does require that you actually go and complete the final leg of the shipment, that being the one to your home, on your own. This may involve renting or borrowing a truck, which can sometimes be problematic. Once again though, the same dilemma applies to many orders placed locally as well. As an aside, there is always the possibility of shipping damages, although you should know prior to making your purchase how the retailer handles such claims.

Make sure to secure contact information for the company prior to committing to a purchase and feel free to check up on the retailer with the Better Business Bureau. A little legwork in advance will reduce potential headaches down the road. And in a worst case scenario situation, paying by credit card always gives you the option of contesting the charges should you find yourself in such a predicament. Stepping back though and looking at the options rationally as opposed to fearfully, will reveal that there are risks associated with both shopping online and shopping offline. If you can find a better price online, little should really stand in your way.

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